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12367 Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Brown12368 Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Brown/Gray12369 Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive17929 Mike's Sculpin, Black/Olive-Size 2
17930 Mike's Sculpin, Black/White/Tan Barred-Size 217931 Mike's Sculpin, Brown/White/Tan Barred-Size 217932 Mike's Sculpin, Olive/Black-Size 217933 Mike's Sculpin, Olive/White/Tan Barred-Size 2
17934 Mike's Sculpin, Tan/White/Tan Barred-Size 217937 Mike's Mini Sculpin, Olive-Size 4

Lance Gray Nymphs

Lance Gray has been guiding on Northern California waters for over 25 years. Lance developed this series of nymphs for the challenging waters where he spends so much time.

The X-May series of flies started as a combination of the S&M Nymph and the Micro May. Lance prefers to tie the X-May with the wire holding in the tail and gill plate while at the same time creating the ribbed body. This allows a fast and durable body to be made. The olive color was the original and then he added brown, black, and red. The Callibaetis is an X-May that has been stretched. It swims great in the water when stripped slowly. The Black Sabbath and Bon Jovi are flies that are a combination or an off-shoot of the Prince Nymph and the X-May together. Lance has incorporated goose biots to represent more of a caddis appearing fly.

Lance's X-May will work in most waters throughout the West. With the slim profile and the bead, these nymphs get down into the trout's strike zone. Some of the patterns are designed to imitate specific hatches, such as the PMD, and others are general all-purpose nymphs.

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17151 Lance's X-May, Red17152 Lance's X-May, PMD17153 Lance's X-May, Black17155 Lance's X-May, Callibaetis
17156 Lance's X-May, Black Sabbath17157 Lance's X-May, Bon Jovi17158 Lance's Soft Hackle, Gray/Olive17159 Lance's BH Iced Tea, Amber


Swinging for trout is becoming more popular, and we have a series of streamers that fish well when swinging. Using the Fish Skull mask, the fly has a fishy profile and some weight to help it stay down while swinging.

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17900 Fish Skull 'Char-mer' Zonker - Trailer, White/Tan17901 Fish Skull Black and Gold Zonker - Trailer17902 Fish Skull Black Brahan Zonker - Trailer, Red/Black17903 Fish Skull Black Ghost Zonker - Trailer, Black/Yellow
17906 Fish Skull Ice Queen Zonker - Trailer, Pearl/White17907 Fish Skull Rainbow Zonker - Trailer, Brown/White17908 Fish Skull Olive Rainbow Zonker - Trailer17910 Fish Skull 'Char-mer' Zonker, White/Tan
17911 Fish Skull Zonker, Black17912 Fish Skull Black Brahan Zonker, Red/Black17913 Fish Skull Black Ghost, Black/Yellow17914 Fish Skull Black Ghost Zonker, Olive
17915 Fish Skull Brown Zonker, Gold/Natural Brown17916 Fish Skull Ice Queen Zonker, Pearl/White17917 Fish Skull Rainbow Zonker, Rainbow Trout17919 Fish Skull Olive

Flesh Flies

Flesh Flies are very effective way to catch big trout when they are keyed into the high protein of eggs and flesh during a salmon spawn.

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12370 Jerry's Meat Lovers Special13137 Senyo's Flesh Fly, Pink14201 Eggs & Flesh, Pink14200 Eggs & Flesh, Rotting Flesh

Nymphs & Emergers

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17094 BH Tungsten Liberation Nymph, Brown/Black17095 BH Tungsten Liberation Nymph, Chartreuse/Black17097 BH Tungsten Liberation Nymph, Purple/Black17110 Stillwater Leech, Burnt Orange
17111 Stillwater Leech, Burnt Orange/Olive17112 Stillwater Ice Leech, UV Black17110 Stillwater Ice Leech, Burnt Orange/Peacock17200 Lincon's Hex Emerger, Natural Gray

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