Traditional Summer Flies

The traditional summer steelhead flies were developed on the fabled rivers of the Pacific Northwest, such as the Umpqua, Deschutes, and the Rogue. Our traditional summer steelhead flies are tied on a black nickel, up-turned eye, salmon hook. Special orders can be tied on Gamakatsu, Daiichi, or Maruto hooks. Sizes available: 2 through 10, varying by pattern.


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10036 Muddled Euphoria, Black10037 Muddled Euphoria, Brown10038 Muddled Euphoria, Green Butt Skunk10051 Jim Zech's GT40, Blue/Orange Sizes 5-710052 Jim Zech's Martini Olive, Olive/Brown Sizes 1.5-3
10053 Jim Zech's The Heisenberg, Kingfisher Blue Sizes 1.5-310054 Lady Caroline, Olive Gray Sizes 4-810021 Beadhead Assassin, Yellow/Black Sizes 4-810022 Beadhead Assassin, Rust/Copper10020 Brindle Bug, Yellow/Black
10008 Green Burlesque, Black/Green10010 The First Lady, Wine10007 Fiddle D, Peacock/Wine10009 Freight Train, Purple/Pink/Orange10012 Hartwick's Brown Hilton, Brown/Orange
10013 Hartwick's Purple Hilton10015 Hartwick's Steelhead Soft Hackle, Cream10014 Hartwick's Steelhead Soft Hackle, Purple10017 Hartwick's Silent Assassin, Peacock10018 Hartwick's Skinny Spratley, Black/Gold
10024 Hartwick's Duck Turd, Peacock/Brown10023 Hartwick's Sword Fighter, Peacock/Purple10000 Joe Gert, Purple10005 Mack's Canyon, Black/Orange10001 No-Name Summer Fly, Purple/Pink
10032 No-Name Variant, Purple/Green10016 Scorpion Stinger, Peacock10050 Scorpion Stinger, Blue10011 Silver Hilton, Black10019 Green Butt Hilton, Black/Green
10002 Skunk, Black10004 Fire Butt Skunk, Black/Red10003 Green Butt Skunk, Black/Green10006 Street Walker, Purple

Jon's Motion Prawn

These Motion Prawns were designed by Jon Ingi Agustsson in 2002. The Motion Prawn was one of the first steelhead flies to use craft fur, which had been used for some time in saltwater flies. The MP incorporates a bead bedded behind the head, giving the fly a great balance or jigging action, depending on retrieve. The MP has gathered a small but loyal following over the past decade amongst steelheaders in the Northwest. Available in sizes 1/0 through 4.


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14102 Jon's Motion Prawn, Black14101 Jon's Motion Prawn, Fluorescent Pink14100 Jon's Motion Prawn, Orange

Hareball Leech

The Hareball Leech is a popular rabbit streamer for all species of salmon and steelhead. With our fluorescent intruder eyes, this fly sinks fast and shows up well in the water. Available in size 1/0.


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14110 Hareball Leech, Black14111 Hareball Leech, Chartreuse14112 Hareball Leech, Chartreuse/Orange
14113 Hareball Leech, Orange/Pink14114 Hareball Leech, Fuchsia14115 Hareball Leech, Purple

Starlight Leech

The Starlight Leech takes all the key features from traditional bugger, strip leech and a jig. This heavy fly swims and jigs to get trout, salmon and steelhead to attack. Available in size 2.


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14145 Starlight Leech, Black/Chartreuse14146 Starlight Leech, Black/Fl. Red14147 Starlight Leech, Pink14148 Starlight Leech, Purple

Dolly Llama


The Dolly Llama is one of the better flies to use in Alaska for trout and salmon. The rabbit strip has a lot of action while the brass cone helps the fly get down. The Dolly Llama can be swung, jigged or stripped. Available rigged with a size 2 or 4 hook. Size 2 DL has a 6.5 mm brass cone. Size 4 has a slimmer rabbit strip and a 6.3 mm brass cone.


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14160 Dolly Llama, Black14161 Dolly Llama, Black/Chartreuse14161 Dolly Llama, Black/Olive14163 Dolly Llama, Black/White
14164 Dolly Llama, Chartreuse/Blue14165 Dolly Llama, Chartreuse/White14166 Dolly Llama, Flesh/Cream14167 Dolly Llama, Fuschia Pink
14168 Dolly Llama, Olive/White14169 Dolly Llama, Pink/Orange14170 Dolly Llama, Pink/Purple14171 Dolly Llama, Pink/White
14172 Dolly Llama, Salmon Pink/White14173 Dolly Llama, Tutti Fruti


The Alaskabou series of flies is well known for catching salmon and steelhead from California to Alaska. The most popular in the series being the Popsicle. Tied using marabou and Krystal Flash, this fly is very enticing to a fish with a bunch of movement and bright colors. Our Alaskabou flies are tied on a size 1 ordinal salmon hook, heavy enough wire to handle just about any size fish.


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14180 Alaskabou, Blue/Black14181 Alaskabou, Light Blue/Blue14184 Alaskabou, Popsicle14188 Alaskabou, Black/Blue/Blue

Hot Shot Comet

Here's an old classic with a twist. This fly lights up with a fluorescent tail and holographic color. It is a proven winner on chinook salmon, winter steelhead, and high water summer steelhead. Available in size 2.


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14120 Hot Shot Comet, Purple14121 Hot Shot Comet, Chartreuse14122 Hot Shot Comet, Pink

Boss & Comet

Available in sizes 4 through 10. Click on any fly below for a larger view and description.

10025 Boss, Black/Orange10028 Gold Comet, Gold/Orange10029 Bead Head Halloween Comet, Gold/Black/Orange10030 Silver Comet, Silver/Orange10031 Silver Comet, Silver/Orange/Black

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