Anadromous Nymphs

Nymphing for steelhead and sea run browns is a very effective technique. In the rivers of the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, nymphing is quickly becoming the go-to method for many anglers fishing for steelhead. The hooks used for our nymphs are stout enough to hold the heaviest steelhead or the sea run browns of Tierra del Fuego.

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17024 TDF Bead Head Copper John, Black17030 TDF Bead Head Copper John, Copper17029 TDF Bead Head Copper John, White Rubber Legs, Copper17027 TDF Bead Head Copper John, Chartreuse Rubber Legs, Chartreuse17053 TDF Bead Head Wire Bug, Yellow Rubber Legs, Chartreuse
17073 TDF Bead Head Vitamin D, Chartreuse Rubber Legs, Chartreuse17074 TDF Bead Head Vitamin D, Fl. Orange Rubber Legs, Copper/Orange17002 Bead Head Vitamin D, Red17003 Bead Head Vitamin G, Olive17083 Stubby Stone - Tungsten, Black
17009 TDF Bead Head Hare’s Ear17006 TDF Bead Abdomen Hare’s Ear17017 TDF Hare's Ear Rubber Legs17019 TDF Pheasant Tail Rubber Legs17010 TDF Bead Head Zug Bug Rubber Legs, Peacock
17004 TDF Bead Head Zug Bug Double Bead, Peacock17077 Prince Bugger Rubber Legs, Peacock17032 TDF Bead Head Cotton Prince, Peacock17046 TDF Bead Head Prince, Peacock17076 TDF Bead Head Ice Prince
17018 TDF Peacock Rubber Legs17040 TDF Bead Head Green Prince Rubber Legs17047 TDF Bead Head Red Tag, Peacock17007 TDF Bead Head Black Bug17008 TDF Bead Head Chartreuse Bug
17041 TDF BH Hot Nymph, Black17101 The Lifter, Tungsten17016 TDF EMB, Black17020 TDF Ungly Bug, Black17021 TDF Gallegos Rubber Legs
17075 TDF Yuk Bug, Black/Badger17001 Bead Head Pepperoni Bug, Black/Orange17013 TDF Girdle Bug Chenille Body, Black17014 TDF Girdle Bug Dubbing Body, Black17039 TDF Bead Head Green Bead Girdle Bug, Black
17072 TDF BE Pollo's Bug, Black/Red17054 TDF BC-Green Hot Cone Stone Rubber Legs17038 TDF BH Golden Stone, Gold17042 TDF BH Montana Flexi Bug, Orange17043 TDF BH Orange Tag Rubberlegs, Peacock
17055 TDF BE Big Bug Rubberlegs, Brindle17056 TDF BE Big Bug White Rubberlegs, BrindleTDF UV Turbo Leech, BlackTDF BH Wooly Bugger, Black17089 BH Tungsten Ice - Golden Brown
17049 TDF Bead Head Stone'd 2 Rubber Legs, Golden17035 TDF Bead Head Glitter Body Stone, Rubber Legs, Green17036 TDF Bead Head Stone, Chartreuse Rubber Legs, Golden Brown17023 TDF Bead Head Stone, Black/Gold17026 TDF Bead Head CDC Stone, Golden Brown
17012 TDF Stone Brown Rubber Legs17011 TDF Bead Head Stone, Tan Rubber Legs, Black17000 Bead Head Electric Leech, Black17005 Fish Skull Electric Leech, Black17066 TDF Bead Head Black UV Leech
17065 TDF Bead Head Black and Chartreuse Wooly Bugger17067 TDF Hot Cone Wooly Bugger, Olive, aka Green Lantern17068 TDF Cone Bugger Rubber Legs, Brown17069 TDF Cone Yellow Yummy17078 BH Perpetrator, Black/Copper
17080 BH Perpetrator, Golden Stone17081 BH Perpetrator, October Caddis17082 BH Perpetrator, Silver Hilton17079 BH Perpetrator, Black/Gold

The Reason for the Grab

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