Skeena Spey Experience

Einarsson reels are built like a fine Swiss watch. They have tight tolerances and smooth drag systems that can’t be touched by any other reel on the market. The Invictus is designed to balance well on two-handed rods and features Einarsson’s patented SAB drag. The Plus is a sturdy yet lightweight reel that’s built to last while providing a lifetime of angling success.

Brett Jensen

Take a look at Brett Jensen’s popular Klamath and Trinity fly patterns: Intruders and Skaters. These patterns not only work in the Northern California rivers, but are also effective wherever an angler is fishing for steelhead in low water.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller started tying his shank flies with rhea years before rhea intruders were all the rage. His flies are still ahead of the curve, with more rhea tied into the fly than any other on the market. Paul’s flies are proven fish catchers from British Columbia all the way to Tierra del Fuego.

Predator Scandi

Greg Senyo’s Predator Scandi, Flow Rider, and Senyo’s OCD are extremely popular in the Great Lakes region, but Greg’s flies are also very effective on the west coast. To adhere as closely as possible to Greg’s designs, we are using his own innovative materials, such as the Senyo Predator Wrap and the Senyo Shanks from Flymen Fishing Company.

See Aqua Flies in motion on our YouTube Channel. We also have Einarsson videos demonstrating how to convert both the Plus and Invictus reels from right hand to left hand retrieve.


No one ties a finer Bomber than Aqua Flies. The deer hair is packed tight and we use the best dry fly hackle available. Our traditional dries have enough dry fly hackle to keep them floating high and pushing water when skated.


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