IFTD trophy

Stu's PrawnTruder is a Winner!

Aqua Flies won Best of Show in the Freshwater Fly Pattern category at the 2016 IFTD Show. The winning pattern is Stu Foxall's PrawnTruder, available in blue, orange, pink, purple, and white/orange.

Stu's PrawnTruder looks like a large, lively prawn when in the water. Tied on a plastic tube, it is easy to cast and fish-friendly. The feelers and rubber legs create movement, even in the weakest of currents.


New Flies

Jerry French Summer Sculpin

We have several new patterns, including a lineup designed by innovative fly tier, Jerry French. We are producing Jerry's flies according to his specs, right down to the smallest detail. These flies are engineered to fish!

Our new streamers fish well when swinging for trout. Plus we have a new pattern from Lucas Meeker: the Chromewrecker.

New Rods

Pieroway Renegade

Jerry French has been working with Geoff Pieroway to design a line of rods that will take the mystery out of the two-handed and switch world. The Pieroway Renegade is an ultra compact switch series utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technology and designed to be highly functional in close-quarters fly fishing. These versatile rods feature unique lengths and taper designs, for easy loading and quick recovering.

Aqua Flies is the US distributor of the Pieroway Renegade.

New Colors

Einarsson Plus Reel

In 2017, Einarsson will offer custom color parts so an angler can personalize their Plus reel. The parts available for this program are the brake knob and nut as well as the spool cap.

For a nominal fee, add red, orange or blue to any Plus reel, or add black to a red, bronze or clear reel.

The Invictus reels will also be receiving an upgrade: each size will have its own new color on the brake hub.