Hoody's Hanger

With many years of intense searching for these anadromous business partners, I have found tying my skaters on a 60° hook has had the most success. The fly skates, pops and gurgles, making it hard for fish to resist. The Hanger is easy to cast and will pop well due to the tail end of the fly being weighed down by the hook. This keeps the legs down and the foam up for that iconic pop. Greatest of all are most of the fish hooked on the 60° jig hook are landed. Black and blue for those early morning dawn patrols and over cast days, orange for bright fish, and white for that 12 O’clock lunch fish when everyone’s taking a nap.

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16190 Hoody's Hanger, Black/Blue16191 Hoody's Hanger, Orange16192 Hoody's Hanger, White

Brett's Dry Flies

Brett Jensen considers the Klamath his home river, and it is the Klamath that has been the inspiration for many of his summer and fall steelhead patterns. He ties his patterns with attention to materials that not only give his flies a look, but lets them perform as designed when fished. Learn more about Brett Jensen...

Brett's Klamath Skaters, sizes 5-7. Brett's Obie Skaters, size 1. Klamath Caddis, sizes 4-6. Click on any fly to enlarge.

16150 Brett's Klamath Skater, Black16151 Brett's Klamath Skater, Brown16152 Brett's Klamath Skater, Purple16152 Brett's Klamath Skater, October Caddis
16153 Brett's Obie Skater, Black16154 Brett's Obie Skater, Purple16156 Klamath Caddis, Natural Burlap

Mouse Flies

Mouse Flies, available in sizes 2 through 4.

Big trout like a big meal. Mouse patterns can be one of the most effective big trout flies.  These patterns tend to be large and noisy to catch a trout’s attention and can often entice big trout, who are reluctant to chase the typical offerings. Tied with buoyant materials, it is hard to sink these flies. Our mouse flies are rigged with either a size 2 or size 4 AquaTalon hook.

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16175 Mr. Hankey, Size 216175 Mr. Hankey, Size 4
16185 Mega Mouse, Size 216185 Mini Mouse, Size 4

After Dinner Mint

Mark Noble's After Dinner Mint, available in sizes 2 through 6.

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16160 After Dinner Mint, Green/Black16161 After Dinner Mint, Purple/Black

Deer Hair Dry Flies

  • • Wulff Bombers are available in sizes 2 through 6
  • • Cigar Tubes are 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch
  • • Foam Wog is size 1/0
  • • Muddler Minnows are available in sizes 4 through 12
  • • Green Machines are available in sizes 6 through 10

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16177 McGovney's RL Skater, Black/Chartreuse16178 McGovney's RL Skater, Brown/Orange16117 Wulff Bomber, White/Black16118 Wulff Bomber, Burnt Orange
16124 Wulff Bomber, Gray16125 Wulff Bomber, Gray/Green Butt16126 Wulff Bomber, Gray/Grizzly16127 Cigar Bomber, Gray/Brown
16128 Cigar Bomber, Gray/Grizzly16129 Cigar Bomber, Gray/Orange16130 Cigar Bomber, Labatt Blue/Brown16128 Cigar Bomber, Labatt Blue/Orange
16132 Cigar Bomber, Lime/Orange16134 Cigar Bomber, Black/Chartreuse16135 Cigar Tube, Gray/Brown16136 Cigar Tube, Gray/Brown/Green
16137 Cigar Tube, Gray/Grizzly16138 Cigar Tube, Green/Badger16140 Cigar Tube, Green/Brown16142 Foam Wog, Pink/White
16111 Muddler Minnow, Gold16112 Muddler Minnow, Pearl16170 Green Machine16171 Green Machine, Green/Red Butt
16172 Green Machine Sparkle, Orange Butt16173 Green Machine Sparkle, Green/Red Butt

Riffle Hitch Tubes

A very subtle v-wake makes this fly ideal for shallow slick water. It's a concept that is popular in Iceland and Eastern Canada for Atlantic Salmon. A hole is drilled on each side of the tube so the fly can be hitched for fishing either left or right current. Our Riffle Hitch Tubes come with a Gamakatsu Iseama Twist hook.

October Caddis, available in 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch. Click to enlarge.

16100/16101 Riffle Hitch Tube, October Caddis

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