Jason Osborn's Sputnik


The Sputnik Tube Intruder is a blend of traditional Intruder styling and European highlights. A fusion of natural and synthetic materials; Finn Raccoon, Arctic Fox, Ostrich, Predator Wrap and Marabou add to this flies swimming action. The Finn Raccoon wing is reminiscent of Scandi styles. Two stations similar to Intruders. A collar weight behind the front station helps to get the fly down. The Sputnik has great movement and a profile in the water that is irresistible to fish.


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12130 Sputnik Tube Intruder, Blue/Black12131 Sputnik Tube Intruder, Orange12132 Sputnik Tube Intruder, Pink12133 Sputnik Tube Intruder, Purple

Stu's PrawnTruders

Award Winner

IFTD logo

Best of Show for Freshwater Fly Pattern at IFTD 2016. Stu's PrawnTruder looks like a large, lively prawn when in the water. Tied on a plastic tube, it is easy to cast and fish-friendly. Its large profile will find those aggressive fish in the river. The feelers and rubber legs create movement, even in the weakest of currents.


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11060 Stu's PrawnTruder, Blue11061 Stu's PrawnTruder, Chartreuse11062 Stu's PrawnTruder, Orange
11063 Stu's PrawnTruder, Pink11064 Stu's PrawnTruder, Purple11065 Stu's PrawnTruder, White/Orange

Stu's Metal Head Tubes

Stu Foxall's latest creation is a tube fly utilizing the Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Cones. These cones are made of brass and are slotted. The Ultra Sonic Cone adds some weight to the fly, but is still very easy to lift out of the water due to the venting holes, while maintaining the capability to create a vortex behind the disc, allowing soft materials to swim freely instead of collapsing in hard current.


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11070 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Black11071 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Black/Blue11072 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Black/Pink11073 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Blue
11074 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Olive/Orange11075 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Orange/Fuchsia11076 Stu's Metal Head Tube, Purple/Pink11077 Stu's Metal Head Tube, White/Pink

Stu's Chinook Intruders

A larger version of our standard intruder, but tied on a tube, the Chinook Intruder is approximately 4” in length. Using a generous amount of flash and UV enhanced ostrich and schlappen, this intruder is sure to anger a chinook into striking the fly. Rigged with a stout ring eye black nickel hook.


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12004 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Blue/Chartreuse12005 Stu's Chinook Intruder, White/Chartreuse12006 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Black/Chartreuse12007 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Chartreuse
12008 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Popsicle12009 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Pink/Purple12010 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Candy Floss12010 Stu's Chinook Intruder, Red/Orange

Stu's Steelie Piglets

Steelie Piglets are tied on a 1-inch plastic tube with a 1/4-inch brass cone at the front for added weight. Stock flies come with a red Gamakatsu Octopus size 2 hook.


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15001 Stu's Steelie Piglet, Black/Dark Blue/Pearl15003 Stu's Steelie Piglet, Blue/Black/Blue15002 Stu's Steelie Piglet, Orange/Black/Gold15004 Stu's Steelie Piglet, Orange/White/Pearl15000 Stu's Steelie Piglet, Orange/Yellow/Gold

Turbo Cone Tubes

These new wide-profile cones create a turbo vortex at the front of a tube fly. The turbo cone gives the fly a unique swimming action. The action combined with the soft materials, which pulsate to mimic breathing, produces a fly that drives fish crazy. Whether fishing in the slowest or hardest of currents, the fly will move and pulsate like no other pattern. In addition to the unique movements, the turbo cone also provides a little bit of weight to help get the fly down. Our Turbo Cone Tube Flies are tied on a 1.25-inch tube with a 10mm turbo cone.


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11004 Stu's Tiger Tail Turbo Cone, Black/Orange11003 Stu's Tiger Tail Turbo Cone, Hot Pink11005 Stu's Jungle Tail Turbo Cone, Black/Blue11006 Stu's Jungle Tail Turbo Cone, Pink/Purple
11007 Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Black/Blue11002 Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Orange/Pink11001 Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Black/Orange11500 Jon's Turbo Cone, Purple/Silver/Flame Orange

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tubes

A rabbit strip leech tied on a plastic glitter tube. The plastic tube is 1.25" long with a fluorescent brass cone on the front.


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11020 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Hot Pink11021 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Blue11023 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Pink
11024 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Pink/Orange11025 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Purple11026 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Purple/Pink
11027 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Chartreuse Tiger11028 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Chartreuse11029 Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Blue/Purple

Hartwick’s Hoser Tubes

Hartwick’s Hoser Tube presents a giant, flowing profile in the water. Weight has been added in the form of a tungsten cone. Not only does this cone add weight, but it is tied in reverse so it creates a solid bump where the marabou is tied in. The marabou will not collapse and the profle remains, even in the fastest water.


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11044 Hartwick's Hoser Tube, Black/Blue11045 Hartwick's Hoser Tube, Pink/Purple11046 Hartwick's Hoser Tube, Pink

Hartwick’s Flashtail Tubes

Jason Hartwick's Flashtail Tube series is tied in a style to provide a lot of flash and a moderate size profile. A brass cone is used to hold the marabou in a position so the profile will not collapse.


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11051 Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Chartreuse/Blue11049 Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Black/Blue11050 Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Fuchsia/Shell Pink
11047 Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Orange11048 Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Pink/Purple

Hartwick’s Marabou Tubes

Hartwick's Marabou Tube Flies are tied on a 1" plastic tube. Utilizing marabou, Angel Hair, and an ostrich wing, these flies have a lot of movement. They are lightweight and easy to cast. Ring eye hook included.


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11040 Hartwick's Marabou Tube, Fuchsia/Purple11041 Hartwick's Marabou Tube, Red/Orange11042 Hartwick's Marabou Tube, Hot Pink/Shrimp Pink11043 Hartwick's Marabou Tube, Blue/Black

Sun Ray Shadows

Featuring Arctic fox and select extra-long goat, this fly swims like a snake in the water. Sun Ray Shadows are tied on a plastic tube with a soft tube in the back as a hook holder. Available with either 3/4-inch or 1-inch tube.


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16001 Sun Ray Shadow, Hot Orange/Black, 1-inch Tube16003 Sun Ray Shadow, Purple/Black, 1-inch Tube

Shown with 1-inch tube. Both colors also available with 3/4-inch tube.

Crafted to Catch Fish

Sun Ray Shadow catches Eel River steelhead