Jerry French Signature Flies

Jerry French is well recognized amongst the steelhead spey community. When speaking of Skagit-style casting systems and tying of intruder type flies, Jerry and his friends Ed Ward and Scott Howell are at the forefront of modern Northwest fly fishing for steelhead. These flies are engineered to fish. Utilizing Jerry's innovative techniques of composite loops and modern materials, we have tied a fly that the master himself will fish.

Jerry's Intruder

The birth of the Intruder was in the Pacific Northwest. It has gone through many evolutions and surely it will continue to evolve, but Jerry's Intruder as it is tied today is a fish catcher. Tied using composite loops, UV materials and a Gamakatsu trailer hook, confidence is high when using this fly. Jerry's Intruder is approximately 3" long. Single Station Intruder is about 2" in length.


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12300 Jerry's Intruder, Black/Purple12301 Jerry's Intruder, Olive/Orange12302 Jerry's Intruder, Orange/White
12303 Jerry's Intruder, Pink/Orange12304 Jerry's Intruder, Black/Blue12311 Single Station Intruder, Chartreuse/White
12313 Single Station Intruder, Pink/White12314 Single Station Intruder, Black/Blue12315 Single Station Intruder, Black/Chartreuse

Dirty Hoh

New Size

The Dirty Hoh is a cross between an Intruder and a String Leech. It has a rabbit strip to get leech-like movements and a shoulder in the front tied like an Intruder to give the fly a large profile. Three sizes: Mini is 3" (new for 2017/18), Steelhead size is 3.5" and Chinook size is 4".


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12334 Mini Dirty Hoh, Black/Blue12335 Mini Dirty Hoh, Blue/Chartreuse12337 Mini Dirty Hoh, Orange/Pink12339 Mini Dirty Hoh, Purple/Black
12320 Dirty Hoh, Steelhead Size, Black/Blue12321 Dirty Hoh, Steelhead Size, Black/Orange12322 Dirty Hoh, Steelhead Size, Pink12323 Dirty Hoh, Steelhead Size, Orange/Pink
12330 Dirty Hoh, Chinook Size, Black/Blue12331 Dirty Hoh, Chinook Size, Black/Chartreuse12332 Dirty Hoh, Chinook Size, Chartreuse/White12333 Dirty Hoh, Chinook Size, Pink

Summer Sculpin

Just like Jerry's steelhead flies, his trout flies utilize tying techniques to build a durable fly and a fly that has a profile that will not collapse in heavy water. This Summer Sculpin has an overall length of 3.5". Meat-eating trout are going to attack this fly.


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12340 Summer Sculpin, Sculpin Olive12341 Summer Sculpin, Burnt Orange12342 Summer Sculpin, Olive12343 Summer Sculpin, White

Waker Maker

Tied using closed cell foam, this dry will make a disturbance on the water, but will not become waterlogged.


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16165 Waker Maker, Black/Blue16166 Waker Maker, Black/Chartreuse16168 Waker Maker, Pink

Engineered to Fish