The Intruder

The Intruder has quickly become one of the most popular steelhead patterns on the West Coast. It is a large profile fly that was designed by West Coast steelhead guides Jerry French and Ed Ward, with the help and feedback of fellow anglers Scott Howell and Dec Hogan. They were searching for a style of fly that had a large profile but was easy to cast. Conventional hooks did not provide an adequate tying platform for creating large, plug-like silhouettes, so they turned to shanks and trailing hooks. Since its inception, there have been numerous variations of the Intruder, and it is safe to say that it is more of a style of fly rather than a pattern.


Whether fishing for salmon, steelhead, trout or Sea-Run Browns, the Intruder is a productive fly. Tied correctly, it will hold its profile in moving water. It is important that the Intruder have stable shoulders so the ostrich or other flowing material will not collapse as it is swimming. At Aqua Flies, we use the methods Jerry French created to tie an Intruder so it swims properly and is durable.


We are proud to offer the largest commercially tied selection of Intruders. Aqua Flies has devoted much time and capital to create a platform for other tiers to tie their own Intruders. By purchasing the AquaTalon hooks, the Aqua Fly Shanks, Aqua Fly Intruder Eyes, and the Un-Real Jungle Cock, a fly tier can be creative and expand upon the style of fly known as The Intruder.

Ultra Mini-Intruder


Jerry French's newest Intruder design utilizing the Ultra Rig. The Ultra Rig is a new system to rig shank flies with a trailing hook. The Ultra Rig is made with 50 pound Spider Wire, Ultra Tubing and a size 2 AquaTalon hook. This rigging system eliminates the use of wire as a trailing loop. The Ultra Rig system allows the angler to change out the hook without damaging the fly or the trailing loop. The only commercially tied fly with this rigging system.  In addition to the rigging system, this intruder is tied using an Aqua Flies Shank, Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes and the Aqua Flies Un-Real Jungle Cock.


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12355 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Black/Blue12356 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Blue/Chartreuse12357 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Chartreuse/White
12358 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Olive/Orange12360 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Orange/White12361 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Purple/Black
12361 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Pink/White12363 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Pink/Orange12364 Ultra Mini-Intruder, Claret

Jerry's Intruder

The birth of the Intruder was in the Pacific Northwest. It has gone through many evolutions and surely it will continue to evolve, but Jerry's Intruder as it is tied today is a fish catcher. Tied using composite loops, UV materials and an AquaTalon size 2 hook, confidence is high when using this fly. Jerry's Intruder is approximately 3" long. Single Station Intruder is about 2" in length.


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12300 Jerry's Intruder, Black/Purple12301 Jerry's Intruder, Olive/Orange12302 Jerry's Intruder, Orange/White12303 Jerry's Intruder, Pink/Orange
12304 Jerry's Intruder, Black/Blue12313 Single Station Intruder, Black/Purple12311 Single Station Intruder, Chartreuse/White12312 Single Station Intruder, Olive/Black
12313 Single Station Intruder, Pink/White12314 Single Station Intruder, Black/Blue12315 Single Station Intruder, Black/Chartreuse

Sili-Leg Intruder

The Sili-Leg Intruder is a version of The Squidro Series created by legendary steelhead guide, Scott Howell. They are Intruder style flies tied with special silicone leg material.  The Sili-Leg material makes for a super durable fly with lots of movement and minimal amount of material.


Our Sili-Leg Intruders are tied on a 43mm Aqua Flies shank with 3/16-inch brass eye. Stock flies come with an AquaTalon size 2 hook.


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13007 Sili-Leg Intruder, Blue/Chartreuse13004 Sili-Leg Intruder, Black/Blue13002 Sili-Leg Intruder, Pink/Black13005 Sili-Leg Intruder, Black/Purple
13003 Sili-Leg Intruder, Pink/Blue13006 Sili-Leg Intruder, Dark Blue/Blue13001 Sili-Leg Intruder, Pink/Orange13000 Sili-Leg Intruder, Red/Orange

Stu's Ostrich Intruder

Using long flowing materials is one of the key Intruder features. Stu's Intruders are tied on the 43mm Aqua Flies shank and a 5/32-inch brass eye. Stock flies come with an AquaTalon hook.


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12117 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Fuchsia/White12120 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Purple/Black12116 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Blue/Purple12115 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Black/Blue
12119 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Orange/Pink12118 Stu's Ostrich Intruder, Metal Detector12121 Stu's Intruder, WR Darth Wader

Stu's Mini-Intruder

Based on our popular Stu's Ostrich Intruder, this miniature version is tied on a 27mm Aqua Flies shank and a 5/32" brass dumbbell eye. Rigged with a size 2 AquaTalon hook.


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12106 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Metal Detector12108 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Olive/Black12109 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Olive/White12100 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Blue/Black12101 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Blue/Purple
12102 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Golden Orange12103 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Hot Pink/Orange12104 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Orange/Black12105 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Yellow/Orange12107 Stu's Ostrich Mini-Intruder, Pink

Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder

Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruders are tied using barred ostrich that we dye in house. The intruder is on an Aqua Flies 43mm shank with 5/32" brass eyes. Stock flies rigged with an AquaTalon hook.


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12015 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Pink/Purple12016 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Chartreuse/Black12017 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Orange/Black12018 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Red/Black
12019 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Black/Purple12020 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Pink/Pink12021 Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Blue/Black

Brett's Klamath Intruder

Tied on a 26mm Aqua Flies shank, this little intruder has all the characteristics of its big brother: it moves and breathes while maintaining a profile. Go here to learn more about Brett Jensen.


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12055 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Purple/Pink12056 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Red/Pink12057 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Rusty/Olive
12058 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Black/Purple12050 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Orange12051 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Black/Blue
12052 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Chartreuse12053 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Orange/Brown12054 Brett's Klamath Intruder, Pink/Pink

Stu's Stinger Prawn

Using long webby saddle hackle and no weight, these are the right flies for fishing shallow water. Stu's Stinger Prawns are tied on an Aqua Flies 33mm shank. The Stinger Prawn has a wire trailing loop with an AquaTalon size 2 hook.


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14000 Stu's Stinger Prawn, Orange14001 Stu's Stinger Prawn, Pink14002 Stu's Stinger Prawn, Purple

Rob Crandall Flies

Rob Crandall lives in Portland, Oregon, where he operates Water Time Outfitters, which offers guided fishing trips on the Deschutes River for trout and steelhead, as well as guided fly fishing for steelhead on the Clackamas, NF Nehalem, Trask and Oregon Coast rivers in the winter. It is on these rivers that Rob designed and developed his fish-catching patterns. He grew up on the banks of the Clackamas River and has been a licensed Oregon fishing guide since 1992. Rob is also the past editor of Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine.


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13191 Crandall's Steelhead Nightmare13192 Crandall's Provider13193 Crandall's Guides Choice13194 Crandall's Wedding Dress13195 Crandall's Promise Keeper

Senyo's OCD

Senyo's OCD is a great fly in low water conditions because it's unweighted and 3 1/2 inches long. Tied using a Senyo 25 mm shank, ostrich, and Angel Hair, for a fly that swims well in the water.


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13118 Senyo's OCD, Chartreuse13119 Senyo's OCD, Orange13120 Senyo's OCD, Red13121 Senyo's OCD, Tan
13122 Senyo's OCD, Yellow13117 Senyo's OCD, Black13115 Senyo's OCD, Blue13116 Senyo's OCD, Pink

Senyo's Egg Raider


The Egg Raider pays tribute to the Egg Sucking Leech, but it goes way beyond the traditional ESL platform.  This is a killer fly in the Great Lakes for both steelhead, trout,smallmouth and popular in Alaska.  Using the composite loop to bring together UV Material, Flashabou and ostrich, this fly swims like a minnow and is tough as nails. The use of 8mm Mottled Beads from the folks at Trout Beads to give this fly that little extra hot spot and realism.


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13140 Senyo's Egg Raider, Black/Orange13141 Senyo's Egg Raider, Black/Pink13142 Senyo's Egg Raider, Olive/Orange
13143 Senyo's Egg Raider, Olive/Pink13144 Senyo's Egg Raider, Tan/Orange13145 Senyo's Egg Raider, Tan/Pink

Senyo's Stray Dog 2.0

The Stray Dog 2.0 is tied on a FlyMen/Senyo 25mm shank. This fly is Greg's go to fly while guiding on Great Lakes rivers. Using Senyodelic Bead Chain Eyes, Predator wrap and a goat hair wing, this fly is an attention getter.


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13130 Stray Dog 2.0, Black13131 Stray Dog 2.0, Gray13132 Stray Dog 2.0, Olive
13133 Stray Dog 2.0, Pink13134 Stray Dog 2.0, Yellow

Senyo's Scandi Series

Senyo's GL Predator Scandi: Greg Senyo likes to blend traditional Atlantic salmon and steelhead tying techniques with modern synthetic materials, and he has done that with the Predator Scandi series. Tied on a 40mm Senyo shank and using the Senyo Predator Wrap, this fly sparkles in the water. As with all of Greg's patterns, the AquaTalon Swing hook is attached point down.


Senyo's Aqua Scandi: With a marabou wing and incorporating the new Aqua Veil, this fly has a similar profile to the Predator Scandi, but a touch smaller. Rigged with a AquaTalon Swing hook.


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13100 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Blue/Silver13101 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Pink/Purple13102 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Blue/Purple13103 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Orange/Gold
13104 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Black/Red13105 Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Black13170 Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Black13171 Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Blue
13172 Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Chartreuse13173 Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Pink13174 Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Purple

Senyo's Flow Rider

The Flow Rider has a double arctic fox wing to provide a larger profile and a lot of movement in the water. The double bead chain eyes provide enough weight to get the fly down and also a little bit of water resistance to give the fly some extra movement in the softer flows.


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13112 Senyo's Flow Rider, Black Ghost13113 Senyo's Flow Rider, Gray Ghost13114 Senyo's Flow Rider, Green Butt Skunk13109 Senyo's Flow Rider, Blue
13108 Senyo's Flow Rider, Olive13111 Senyo's Flow Rider, Pink13110 Senyo's Flow Rider, Purple

Senyo's Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a searching style attractor baitfish pattern. Due to its synthetic build, this fly pattern is extremely durable, lightweight, and provides a serious amount of movement while it swims. The A.I. holds a great profile, retains its shimmer and translucency, and is the perfect option to combat changing water conditions. A proven pattern across the Great Lakes Region to Canadian/Alaskan waters and the West Coast.

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13180 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Green/Chartreuse13181 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Blue/Black13182 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Purple/Black
13183 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Rainbow/White13184 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Silver/Seafoam13185 Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Pink

Kevin Feenstra


In his early 20’s, Kevin began guiding in West Michigan as an alternative to graduate school. Now more than 20 years later, he has never looked back. Kevin’s passion is swinging flies for migratory fish, but he loves to fly fish for any predator that swims. He now resides in Newaygo, Michigan, guiding around 200 days/year on the Muskegon River system (and fishing whenever he can). His steelhead, smallmouth, and trout flies have been published in books, magazines, and online. He has written articles for international, national, and regional fly fishing magazines.


Grapefruit Leech: With its chartreuse and pink head, the grapefruit leech is one of the most reliable Midwest swung fly patterns. It always can work but is exceptional in cold winter temperatures.


Halloween Leech: This is a black and copper swung fly for steelhead. Over the course of many years, this is a go to fly that works year after year. Often times, when fishing two clients, it is fished interchangeably with the grapefruit leech. It is a safe bet that one of these two patterns will take fish. The Halloween Leech is at its best in October-December and again in the spring.


Aquatic Nuisance: This copper and green sculpin pattern takes large steelhead and lake run browns through the fall months. It works well any time you need to push water and is often used during low light times of the day.


Emulator: One of my oldest patterns. This fly is more or less timeless and is a reliable pattern for steelhead when nothing else is working. It is also proven effective for trout and smallmouth bass.


Australian Possum Hex: Versatile pattern that can be used any time steelhead are present. It also makes a great generic fry pattern.


Better than Spawn (BTS): The BTS is a staple salmon fry pattern. Steelhead and trout devour this pattern in the spring. Even though it is a fry pattern, it works well any time steelhead are present.


Cow Killer: This is a dark version of the Aquatic Nuisance. It is deadly in the fall months when fish numbers are good. With its dark color and big profile, it is a perfect choice for fishing early in the morning or late in the day.


Click on any fly below for a larger view and description.

13200 Feenstra's Grapefruit Leech, Rainbow/Pink/Chart13201 Feenstra's Halloween Leech, Rainbow/Orange13201 Feenstra's Aqua Nuisance, Rainbow/Copper13203 Feenstra's Emulator, Tan
13204 Feenstra's Aussie Possum Hex, Yellow/Gray13205 Feenstra's BTS, Pink/Tan13206 Feenstra's Cow Killer, Black/Orange

Fish Taco

A popular shank fly that is very effective for all five Pacific Salmon, Char, Sea-Run Browns as well as Atlantic Salmon. 3" long overall, unweighted and perfect for swinging in low, clear water.


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13160 Fish Taco, Black13161 Fish Taco, Purple13162 Fish Taco, Red
13163 Fish Taco, Chartreuse13164 Fish Taco, Pink

Greg's Kriller

Constructed on the banks of the Kanektok River the killer krill, or Kriller, was designed for maximum castabilty as well as its flaring motion when swinging across hydraulic “fences” in the water column. With the weight of the dumbbell eyes at the back of the shank, the Kriller swings deep with more of a downward-diagonal profile than most traditional patterns. A devouring size for both chrome Chinook and Steelhead, having the eyes closer to the hook attracts some of the most aggressive eats you can find near tidewater!


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13009 The Kriller, Blue13013 The Kriller, Chartreuse13011 The Kriller, Orange
13012 The Kriller, Pink13013 The Kriller, Red

Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech

The Cyclops Leech is designed to get down and keep a profile while moving like a snake. With the 7/32" tungsten bead, this fly will break through the toughest of currents. Rigged with a Gamakatsu Octopus hook.


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14130 Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Chartreuse/Silver14131 Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Black/Purple14132 Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Pink
14133 Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Orange/Red14134 Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Blue/Black

Luke's Chromewrecker

The Chromewrecker was originally developed by Lucas Meeker as a large-profile, un-weighted pattern for targeting big water Steelhead in the lower flows of late summer and fall. Fishing big flies un-weighted with a heavier sink tip allows the fly to keep the large profile of a big weighted winter fly, but stay up in the column to snag less in broader and more consistent gradient runs. Many big steelhead flies sink slowly, especially un-weighted, but the Chromewrecker is tied with sparse materials that don't slow the sinkrate.


As the pattern evolved over three years, Luke added weighted variants and colorways targeting winter Steelhead and Chinook. Another central idea in this pattern is to use multiple shades of colors and contrasting points to build blended colors and markings that more closely resemble how colors blend and fade in nature (even when the color is bright!)... like the blended markings on the flank of a bright chrome Steelhead.


Colors available: Blue/Purple/Chartreuse, Pink/Purple, Black/Chartreuse/Olive, Avalanche (pink/white), Fall Favorite (red/orange).


Click on fly for enlarged view.

14156 Luke's Chromewrecker, Pink/Purple14157 Luke's Chromewrecker, Blue/Purple/Chartreuse
14158 Luke's Chromewrecker, Fall Favorite14159 Luke's Chromewrecker, Chartreuse/Olive

Trailer Trash


The Trailer Trash is an Intruder style fly. The TT has a large profile with great movement and little bulk. With no weight in the fly and the use of marabou and ostrich, this fly can be swung in the shallows but still have a lot of movement. Steelhead, Pacific Salmon and Sea-run Browns will attack this fly.


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13015 Trailer Trash, Blue/Black13016 Trailer Trash, Green/Blue13017 Trailer Trash, Pink/White13018 Trailer Trash, Blue/Red/Purple

Flashtail Stinger Prawn

This stinger prawn pattern has plenty of flash and movement to attract Chinook, Steelhead, Coho and many other species.


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14103 Flashtail Stinger Prawn, Chartreuse/Black14104 Flashtail Stinger Prawn, Pink/White14105 Flashtail Stinger Prawn, Black/Purple

Other Shank Flies


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12079 Flexi Wiggler, Chartreuse/Black

Tradition Meets Innovation