Einarsson Fly Fishing

Based in Iceland, Einarsson Fly Fishing captures the very essence of artisan principles while embracing cutting edge technologies in design and manufacturing.

Steingrimur Einarsson, the company's founder, is an avid fly fisherman with a background in engineering and design. In 2004, he was producing high quality reels for personal use which caught the attention of his fellow anglers.

These original reels evolved into the Plus, one of two designs now manufactured by Einarsson Fly Fishing. The Plus reels are machined from aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring a lightweight yet strong construction. Four sizes are available to address a variety of fishing situations.


From the start, the design team at Einarsson Fly Fishing had one goal in mind: to design and build a brake system that would be smoother than any other ever made. The result is the patented Shock Absorbing Brake technology (SAB). The Invictus reel with the SAB system has been in use since 2012 and has gained worldwide popularity.

Aqua Flies is pleased to offer these two extraordinary reels from Einarsson: the Plus and Invictus.

Watch the Einarsson manufacturing process and learn about the technology behind the reels

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